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Project Day

Project Day. We learn by doing. Our Primary students took this to heart when they dove into their topics for Module 5’s Project Day.

Over the course of Module 5, each primary class picked a topic as a class, then studied all aspects of it. Students studied marine life, houses around the world, outdoor activities, climate and the environment, and even robotics. This wasn’t a series of lecture lessons from the teacher; students led the exploration of their topic.

In lesson time, students learned the important words related to their topic and practiced communicating with them. They also created displays, posters boards, and even thought up games. On Project Day itself, students presented their research, gave their presentations, toured other classrooms, and invited their classmates to share in their learning (They played their games, too!)

Activities like this encourage our learners to share what they know with those around them and build a strong community of learners.

Great job everyone!

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