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Kirsten Steiger

Specialties: ESL, Methodology

Teaching experience: 5 years

Education Philosophy: "When a teacher enjoys teaching, kids just know" (Anonymous)

During my studies, I learned from talented colleagues and cultivated professors and I became passionate about methodology and asked many questions to discover why they taught the way they did. Even today, I still enjoy reading books about methodology, teaching and children’s capabilities to learn a new language. I strive to be the teacher every student should have. Children should bring creativity and their imaginations to class. Assessments and grades are necessary in school. However, learning a language can incorporate other interests and passions. I believe with the right amount of praise and motivation that children can enjoy learning. Most recently, I began to write children’s books which I hope to publish in the future. When I moved to Russia, I began cross-country skiing and now it’s my favorite sport. quote.png